Headphone Buying Guide

Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear HeadphonesListening to music has become our daily practice, but to enjoy every beat, we need good pair of headphones. Buying headphones can be a tough job, as to, your final choice may not be that good, or doesn’t meet the required expectations. While buying headphones, you need to go through some set of pros and cons, qualities and types, but in the midst of your research, you may miss some points. So I am presenting to you, a guide as to how you should buy a good pair of headphones, according to your specifications.


First of all, you have to recognize the purpose of buying the headphones, because if the purpose is different, you have to buy different headphones. There are many types of headphones. I am listing them, and choose them according to your needs.

For running: if you need a pair of headphones for music while running jogging and gym, then you need in- earphones, or around the neck ones, because they’re steady and don’t come out while doing heavy body movements.

For entertainment: if you’re going to use them just for listening to music and movies, then it depends upon you that whether you want them in ear, or over ear. I would recommend over ear, because they damp the surroundings, and give enriched sound. You can also buy in ear, with noise reduction.

For professional: if you’re a DJ, or studio owner, who wants headphones which are flat, have authentic sound, then you need to buy professional series of reputed sound companies, like audio technica and Sony.

For gaming: these headphones are really fast, and have microphone. They are only available in on ear design. They are very useful while playing games and cooperative with other players. Their sound is also crisp and clear.

Now that you know your purpose of buying, let’s move to other specifications.

Wireless or with cord

Sennheiser RS120If you don’t want to untangle cords, or fed up from wires going through neck and disturbing free motion. Wireless headphones works by Bluetooth, and are compatible with all the devices having windows, iOS and android. Usually, wireless headphones are expensive than cord ones, but that also depends upon the quality. So make up your mind in this.

There is also a type, where the stand of the earphones is around the neck. That’s good for athletic purposes, or for gym. These types usually have good sound, but restrict to only sports genre.

After these guidelines, now you can decide for yourself, which headphones to buy. If your daily routine includes traveling, then I recommend you lightweight headphones, mainly cordless, but wired are also good. So in a long run, it all depends on how you’re going to use it. For professionals, headphones with flat spectrum are good, having no modifications in the original sound. These guidelines will help you in finding the headphones that best suits your daily routine, and ear comfort. Hope you buy your desired headphones soon.